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Brazil Mantiqueira, Natural

Brazil Mantiqueira, Natural

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Milk Chocolate - Caramel - Malt



This Brazilian coffee hails from the picturesque Serra de Mantiqueira region of Minas Gerais which sits at 1,200 masl.  This is a natural processed coffee of, Yellow Catuai varietal. This has long been one of our favourite Brazilian coffees, and we are delighted to feature it this season. 


Mantiqueira is one of the most awarded coffee producing regions of all Brazil. Coffee here grows on the sloping Minas Gerais side of the Mantiqueira mountain. This is a micro-region. The coffee is farmed as part of the COCARIVE co-op, uniting small scale local farmers all focusing on quality over quantity. COCARIVE supports its members in all stages of the supply chain. They have their own coffee lab, and quality control officials which determine which lots are suitable for speciality micro-lots. Members of this co-op are focused on sustainability, and producing exceptional coffee. 


This is a Natural processed coffee also known as dry-processed. During this traditional method the fruit remains upon the coffee, and the coffee cherries are dried whole.

The coffee is laid out on sun-raised beds, or patios.  This technique requires careful expertise from the producers to ensure the coffee is moved and rotated through-out the day,  ensuring it dries evenly thus controlling any unwanted fermentation. This process takes 3-6 weeks. After the cherries reach a optimal low moisture content, they are sent to be hulled where the dried fruit around the coffee beans is removed.  Naturally processed coffees are know to have mild fruity notes, good body, and lower acidity. 


Pony Coffee Co has been purchasing coffee from this micro-region season after season. This lot is truely one of our favourites of this region and Brazil overall.  True to its origin, and natural process, it has a nice body, low acidity and subtle fruit notes that elevate each cup. Its quality and all-round dependable character makes it a true omni-coffee, which tastes delicious, black, white or brewed for filter. 


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