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Ethiopia Worka Sakaro, Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Worka Sakaro, Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopia Worka Sakaro, Yirgacheffe

Process: Carbonic Maceration, Natural

Region:Gedio, Yirgacheffe

Producer: Worka Sakaro washing station

Altitude: 2100 maslVarietal: Heirloom


This Ethiopian coffee is from Gedio, in the Southern lands, grown on a 120-hetare farm. This lot consist of Ethiopian heirloom varieties, and has been fermented using carbonic maceration process which as allowed the coffee to take on bold fruity-sweet flavours



As with many Ethiopian coffees, this particular batch is produced as part of a co-operative union. This union includes local farmers who own small plots of land in the Gedio region. At the 'Worka Sakaro' washing station, this coffee is processed and takes on its namesake. Due to its location, this coffee is typically labeled as 'Yirgacheffee coffee,' which is a subregion within the larger region, this label is commonly used for exporting purposes.




The carbonic maceration method is the key factor in creating the unique flavour profile of this coffee. Originating from the wine industry, this anaerobic (oxygen-free) processing method involves placing coffee cherries in stainless steel tanks where they ferment for 10 days, releasing carbon dioxide and changing the environment within the tank. The mucilage surrounding the coffee beans, permeates sweet fruit flavours into the coffee. After fermentation, the coffee is dried naturally until it reaches ideal moisture content for export.




Chosen for its deep fruity notes achieved through the CM process, this coffee also has a subtle "funky" component that accentuates the sweetness of berries and chocolate. Whether brewed with filter methods or as espresso, this coffee delivers a rich and complex flavour profile highlighted by ripe fruit and dark chocolate, resulting in a full-bodied cup.


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