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Ethiopia Odako, Shanatwene, Sidamo.

Ethiopia Odako, Shanatwene, Sidamo.

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Ethiopia Odako Shantawene, Sidamo
B L U E B E R R Y , P E A C H E S + B L A C K T E A

Process: Natural, Shade Dried
Varietal: Heirloom & Local Landrace

Altitude:1900-2100 masl                                                                                                Region: Sidamo, Shantawene Village, Odako mircro-lot.                                          Producer: Daye Bensa, Getta Farm.



This coffee is a great example of a natural processed coffee. It's obvious juiciness and full cup of flavour has been enhanced by the natural processing, along with its floral tones.



The Sidamo region, known for its cultural significance and production of excellent coffee beans, is home to the renowned "odako" micro-lot. This area, particularly the Getta Farm owned by producers Daye Bensa, and surrounding small hectares of the  Shantawene Village, grow coffee beans which are harvested by the locals, mainly local women, and processed at the Daye Bensa washing station, which is at the heart of the Shantawene Village. 

The name "odako" derives from the Odako tree, which holds a special place in the hearts of the Shantawene people and serves as a gathering spot for conflict resolution.


This is a Natural processed coffee also known as dry-processed. During this traditional method the fruit remains upon the coffee, and the coffee cherries are dried whole.

The coffee is laid out on sun-raised beds, or patios.  This technique requires careful expertise from the producers to ensure the coffee is moved and rotated through-out the day,  ensuring it dries evenly thus controlling any unwanted fermentation. This process takes 3-6 weeks. After the cherries reach a optimal low moisture content, they are sent to be hulled where the dried fruit around the coffee beans is removed.  Naturally processed coffees are know to have mild fruity notes, good body, and lower acidity. 


We like this coffee for its pleasing fruitiness and floral notes. It makes a delightful moreish filter coffee with tea-like characteristics, and "classic Ethiopian" coffee flavours which come from these heirloom coffee varietals and high altitude grown plantations. 

Espresso coffee is balanced and juicy, with a sweet rose-water like linger. 



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