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Roasters Choice - Fortnightly Subscription

Roasters Choice - Fortnightly Subscription

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Pony Coffee Co. is proud to offer a roasters choice subscription.

As a small-scale roaster, seldom do we buy coffee by the pallet, instead we buy and trade in small quantities. This allows us a regular opportunity to acquire small lots. We choose to buy and roast these special feature coffees purely for joy, and it is our pleasure to offer these coffees to you through a roasters choice subscription. 

You will receive handpicked single-origins coffees that are freshly roasted and sourced from various origins and processing methods. Although we may occasionally include one of our current offerings, most likely, we will send you new and exciting coffees we are currently enjoying and eager to share with you.

All coffee will be roasted to suit all brew methods. 

So if you like surprises, like rolling the dice, like not having to make decisions, this is for you. 

We guarantee that all the coffees you receive will be of exceptional quality, and the price you pay will be the minimum value of each coffee. Our subscription is available as a 250g retail bag, which we'll bill and ship fortnightly. Furthermore your subscription coffee will always be shipped Express to you.  


Subscriptions maybe rescheduled and canceled via your account. 

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