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Colombia Las Flores, Washed

Colombia Las Flores, Washed

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Colombia Las Flores
Process: Washed.
Region: Huila
Varietal: Pink Bourbon 
Altitude: 1,730 MASL


This coffee stands out and lets you know that all coffees are not created equal. This is a baller coffee. It's grown from humble beginnings, by a 5th generation coffee-producing family in Colombia.

It’s a pink bourbon varietal which is quality in itself, and even greatly improved by washed processing.

It's fruity, and floral, with a calming balance of sweetness.


Finca Las Flores is situated in the Pitalito region of Hulia in Colombia. The landscape here sits at 1730 masl, and the farm is spread over 14 hectares. The coffee plantation here includes over 18,000 trees, of several different varietals. 

Surrounded by the Andes, La Flores experiences a good variation in climate, with a average tempreture range between 17c-23c, and the coffee grows in nitrogen-rich volcanic soils. 

Finca Las Flores is owned and operated by the Vergara family, today existing from the work of three generations.  


This is a washed process coffee. During this method the ripe coffee cherries are harvested, de-pulped, and washed, removing all fruit pulp surrounding the coffee beans. The coffee is then placed on sun-beds to dry-out the coffee beans, until they reach the optimal moisture content of 11%. 'Washed Coffees' are know to have clean and balanced characteristics, this process often promotes higher acidy in coffee, and showcases the coffees varietal, origin and the environmental growing conditions from which it is formed. Removing all the pulp surrounding the coffee, before it dries, eliminates the chances of fermentation occurring which can altering the coffees original organic structure.


We love this coffee for all that it is. Its highly regarded varietal, clean processing, and coffee growing region all contribute to its superior taste. Its fruity and floral, with a balanced sweetness that fills every cup with bright flavours and juicy body.



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