How to best brew Coffee Drip bags

Drip bags are designed to be convenient and easy to use, you may wish to get out the scales and brew precisely or wing it to perfection!  


You'll Need:
Your favourite Mug or Cup
1 x Pony Coffee Drip Bag
Hot water 200ml @ 95c
  1. Start by opening the outer packaging of the Coffee Drip Bag. Remove the filter bag and tear it along the top.
  2. Place the filter bag on the rim of your cup and fold out the paper handles, and tap gently to settle the coffee.
  3. Next, pour pre-heated water (approx. 95c) slowly over the coffee grinds. Pause to allow water to drip through the coffee before continuing to pour.
  4. Stop pouring coffee when you have reached 200ml or your desired amount.
  5. Dispose of the filter bag and take a moment to enjoy your coffee. 

Hot Tips 

  • Select a cup to brew into which will easily hold 200ml, and that is not overly wide. 
  • Pour water slowly over the coffee grinds in circular motions.  Pouring water in 3 separate intervals is recommended, allowing the coffee to filter after each pour. 
  • Very carefully agitate your cup to collect grinds from around the sides of the paper as it drips.
  • Adjust strength as required by adding water to the finished brew. 
  • Pour coffee over ice if you wish to chill the beverage and serve it cold
Filter coffees are designed to drink black, but you may add milk and alternatives or sugar if you desire.