Pouring into a coffee drip bag with a kettle

The Japanese invention I love more than Emojis.

Japan has given us many great things to be thankful for, including Karaoke, Emojis, the QR code, selfie sticks, and the coffee drip bag.

The Japanese are known for being trendsetters across various industries, including the coffee industry, where they have introduced innovative and cool inventions such as the popular V60 coffee dripper.

However, It was sometime before the v60 that the coffee drip bag was invented, and although it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the pioneer of the first design, research is split between two separate individuals who hold patented designs Shimizu Kimiaki and Miyahara Fumio. However the research is more definitive when it comes to drip bags arriving on the market in the 1990s, most notably within Tokyo hotel rooms, and their popularity continued to grow from there across Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.


It took a little while before the coffee drip bag reached the Australian market, but when Sydney-born company SingleO

created their trademark Parachute drip bags, https://singleo.com.au/pages/parachutes based on original Japanese designs, coffee roasters everywhere started using these products and their popularity continues to grow across the Australian market.

So you may be asking, what exactly is a coffee drip bag?


Drip bags are convenient single-serve packets of pre-packaged roasted and ground coffee. Each drip bag contains a filter bag made of either paper or woven food-grade PE materials, enclosed in an outer sachet. The filter bag features handles that can be folded out, allowing it to rest on top of a cup. To make the coffee, simply open the top of the filter bag and slowly pour hot water over the coffee grinds.

This process allows the water to filter through the coffee and drip into the cup below. Once the desired amount of water is added, the filter bag can be discarded, and the coffee is ready to drink.


Drip-bag coffee is a popular choice due to its convenience. All you need is a kettle or a vessel to brew hot water and a cup or mug that is tall enough for the drip bag. If you own a gooseneck kettle and scales, you can get serious and use them. Coffee is pre-weighed and pre-ground, so you don't need a grinder. Furthermore, the drippers are usually flushed with nitrogen to extend their shelf life. If you can brew tea, you already have the skills to brew a drip bag coffee.

Drip bags are incredibly convenient, and they can fit right into your pocket, making them perfect for on-the-go use. However, what makes them truly special is their design, which replicates the brewing process of a mini V60 pour-over. This feature has made them very popular among specialty coffee roasters, who are loading them up with an exciting range of coffees, including single-origin, special features, and blended varieties. It's worth noting that adding milk is always optional. Drip bags are particularly popular for camping trips, travelling, and office spaces. They were originally brewed in hotel rooms by holidaymakers and business travellers.


I fell in love with coffee drip bags for several reasons, but mainly because I believe great coffee shouldn't be complicated. As a result, I created a business called Pony Coffee Co., which specialises in drip bags. Please excuse the shameless plug, but check out our website at www.ponycoffeeco


Whether you're familiar with the original Japanese ear-hanging bags from the 90s, or you're new to drip bags, now is the perfect time to try them. There are some delicious drip bags on the market, and they're dang easy to use!

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